Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confessions of a Mad Dieter

I've been dieting since June and I've lost 28 pounds. Oddly this doesn't equate to a smaller size clothes - just loose clothes. My fingers and feet are very skinny as my rings and shoes slip around.

I've had time to think about my pre-diet mind set. I watched a show called "Dance Your Ass Off". The people were really fat. Then they weighed in and some weighed less than me. This followed a conversation with my Doctor about how so many of my problems would be solved with a little weight loss. So I started counting calories and realized that even though I didn't eat a whole lot - it was high in calories. (This is even after the fact that I haven't had sugar for 2 years!) I found satisfying subsitutes and its been nothing but weight loss since.

Back to my pre-diet mind set. I have a lot of mirrors in my house. I love them - they open up a room and magnify the outside view. I became a vampire. I saw everything from an angle - never once did I appear in the mirror! When I held up the clothes I wore, they looked huge, and I thought "these clothes look so big" but when I put them on - magically they morphed into my self-image.

I'm still not in the mirror but who knows . . . soon?


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